NatureVISZ - Keeping the West Wild

The wild west is alive and well at Wyoming's Deerwood Ranch. Within its 4700 acres there are wild mustangs roaming through the open fields with deer, elk, coyote and moose using the abundant trees and willows for protection from the harsh Wyoming winters.

Deerwood Ranch is a family-owned operation that has been cattle ranching for over 30 years in the gorgeous Centennial Valley of Wyoming. They are also the first BLM Certified Wild Horse Eco Sanctuary on private land in the entire USA.

Wild Mustangs on the Open Range
Ranch Entrance

With the growing need to maintain the number of wild horses and limited grazing available in the wild, the Bureau of Land Management has turned to private landowners for help.

Lazy Afternoon Grazing on the Ranch
Located 35 Miles West of Laramie

Deerwood provides these beautiful animals a place to live their lives and be cared for in gorgeous Wyoming setting with open fields to run and graze. 350 wild mustangs call Deerwood home and tours are available to check out these magnificent animals.

Mustangs roaming with Sheep Mountain in the Background

The Middle Fork of the Little Laramie River runs through the ranch providing an excellent water resource and a beautiful setting winding through the ranch.

Middle Fork of the Little Laramie River