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NatureVISZ - Love the Moment

Breathe. Let go. And, remind yourself that this very moment is the only moment you know you have for sure. A recent trip to the Pacific Northwest with family reminded me just how precious time with family can be. While we hiked through the picturesque Oregon Coastline and Columbia River area, time seemed to slow down as nature's artwork was on full display.

Chasing Waterfalls

We took a scenic drive east of Portland on the Columbia River Highway to find some of nature's most stunning waterfalls. As we hiked to each waterfall, our anticipation grew as we heard the roar of the flowing water. After each waterfall came into view, we picked up our pace until we could see and hear the masterpiece up close.

Capturing Authentic Moments

As we hiked through the forest, the deep green colors stood out with the fresh scent of the trees and plants all around us. As we approached the Pacific Ocean, the smell of salt air grew stronger as waves crashed on the rocks and on the beach. We realized this was a moment that will last a lifetime as nature provided us with memories that would last forever.

Bridge over Tanner Creek
Surfer headed to Short Sand Beach
View from the Bridge of the Gods of the Columbia River
Cannon Beach Oregon


Most of my life I thought some of my happiest moments were when I was looking forward to something like a vacation, celebrating a holiday or sporting event. I seemed to always be living in the moment before. I've learned happiness is not a future event. The state of being happy is realizing that the present moment is all you have.

The past is just a memory. The future is an expectation. The present is the only time that’s real. Cherish the moment. Love the moment, it will never happen again.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Move on.


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