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Lost and Found

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Nice snow packed trail to start on

I thought I discovered the fountain of youth about 11 years ago as I began to travel and seek adventures in the outdoors. Suddenly, I felt rejuvenated as I explored the trails and mountains in Colorado. I was truly amazed to experience God's beautiful gifts from the trail. I felt like a kid again. I felt a sense of healing. One February morning a few years ago I was hiking in the Flatirons Mountains outside of Boulder. After several hours I lost the trail due to all the snow and I was lost. But, I never panicked. I just kept enjoying the gorgeous scenery and headed to where I thought and hoped my car was parked! About 6 hours later, I spotted my car in the distance and I thanked God for the beautiful mountains I was surrounded by and especially for guiding me back to my car.

Light My Fire

My adventures in the outdoors lit a fire in me and I wanted to share all my experiences with others. So, like many others I turned to social media and began to post pictures and videos from my travels. Sharing my experiences became a passion for me and helped keep that fire lit in my soul. Then, like many others I began to feel the dilemma of social media and became frustrated with all the drama and negative comments. So, I decided to create a website/blog dedicated to my travels and adventures with only 1 goal; capturing authentic moments in the outdoors to share the treasures of this incredible planet with my followers to promote relaxation and healing to your soul.

Hanging Lake

Take an Adventure

Although the fountain of youth is just a myth, hiking on a mountain or to a waterfall and feeling the spray of the water and hearing the water roar I always come away with my mind cleansed and feeling my spirits renewed. Check out mountains/canyons or waterfalls on the site. After viewing some of the pictures/videos you may just feel like nature heals the soul!

Breathe in. Breathe out. Move on.


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