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Updated: May 24, 2022

As a result of the covid pandemic, traveling has become a risk and, in some cases, nearly impossible. Even to this day, I wake up in the morning amazed that the entire planet is battling this contagious virus. I've survived this dreaded virus and pray that others will be as lucky as me and recover.

Amtrak Station at Glenwood Springs Colorado

Since travel is limited to so many others, I decided to continue to travel safely and share my experiences and photography with others so they may take a trip vicariously through me. So recently I hopped on a train in Omaha, headed for adventures in Utah.

After taking the California Zephyr through the plains of Nebraska and the Rockies of Colorado, I picked up my rental car in Grand Junction Colorado and headed down the highway to Moab Utah. The scenery along the way was breathtaking as the red sandstone cliffs shined in the morning sun. The closer I got to Moab the view of the snowcapped La Sal Mountains made the ride even more spectacular!

La Sal Mountains

Three Cheers

It's not often when you can find 3 of possibly the most scenic parks in North America within 35-miles or so of each other, but with Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands and Arches that's exactly what you get! My first stop was Dead Horse Point State Park, a short 35-minute drive from Moab. The hikes along the east and west rims are beautiful with some of the most photographic scenery of amazing landscapes of the Colorado River. Next stop is Canyonlands National Park.

Dead Horse Point Overlook
Dead Horse Point View from the Visitor Center

After a short 10-minute drive I arrived at Canyonlands to find some of the most unique landscapes I've ever seen. A scenic 34-mile drive through the Island of the Sky district follows the rim of the mesa with several pullouts at vistas where you get breathtaking views.

Shafer Canyon in Canyonlands NP
White Rim Overlook in Canyonlands NP
Mesa Arch in Canyonlands NP

After spending a chilly night (20 degrees F) camping at the park, I took off for Arches National Park, about a 30-minute drive. Arches is home to over 2000 arches that are scattered across the 120 square miles in the park.

Broken Arch in Arches NP
Landscape Arch in Arches NP
View through Pinetree Arch

Take Me Home

After spending 5 amazing days exploring the 3 parks, I headed back to Grand Junction to catch the Amtrak home. The train ride home takes about 18 hours, the ride through the Colorado Rockies is absolutely amazing and well worth the time! I love sitting in the observation car enjoying the views and people watching. Once again on the trip I learned spending time in nature lowers your stress, helps you to relax and opens your mind to truly appreciate this beautiful country we live in!

Rocky Mountains View
Observation Car Selfie

Check out this video and see if you come away feeling just a little bit better today!

Breathe in. Breathe out. Move on.


Sunset in Canyonlands NP

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Mark Vetock
Mark Vetock
Dec 20, 2020

Merry Christmas Ron! Hope to see you soon in the new year!


the story is what truly helps me to enjoy the journey, as well as the pictures! Have a blessed Christmas, Mark, and hope to see you in 2021!!


Mark Vetock
Mark Vetock
Dec 19, 2020

I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures Peggy! 📷☺


Peggy Etherington
Peggy Etherington
Dec 19, 2020

Never been to utah! Too late now. But what i have seen is awe inspiring


Mark Vetock
Mark Vetock
Dec 19, 2020

Thanks Ron! I really appreciate your support my friend!

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